armina dinescu


The Long Story

My name is Armina and I’m a Visual Anthropologist, a Digital Storyteller, a Techy (Post-)Humanist.

I thrive at the intersection of audiovisual media and compassionate, thoughtful, often collaborative storytelling.
I believe in dialogues — not interviews — with humans as well as non-human actors, and in challenging narratives.
I am passionate about the complexities of our cultural realities and I do my best work while watching and listening.

☉ Educated in researching and analysing cultural environments and audiovisual output
☉ Excellent event organiser and general GTD-er
☉ Experience with every step of small-scale video production (from researching that one crazy idea, to organising subjects and shoot, and on to editing the finished product)
☉ Strong analytical skills and a detail-oriented eye, as well as creative and visual methods of engaging with your audience


Looking for an all-around festival-runner / event-organiser / video-producer / culture-analyser & are interested in finding out more?