armina dinescu


An Empathetic and Structured Visual Anthropologist

I am a visual anthropologist with interests and expertise in ethnographic research, documentary filmmaking, and cultural event management.

I’ve worked in event organising, digital communications, project management and user-centred research at non-profits and startups.

These experiences make me particularly skilled at


complicated social and cultural problems & developing creative solutions


issues from multiple viewpoints & analyzing qualitative and quantitative data


to a wide range of people & being able to empathize with different attitudes, values, and personalities, in a wide variety of settings

My Work

With a background in film and anthropology, I thrive at the complex and rewarding intersection of visual media and human-centered research.

One of my strongest assets is my ability to juggle different tasks and tools, depending on what the project calls for.

Explore the rest of my portfolio below.

Annual international festival for ethnographic audiovisual works, that combines screenings with interactive performances and workshops to examine anthropological concepts.

(2018—2020, DK)

Short documentary inspired by anthropological fieldwork, exploring the relationships between the humans and horses, in the context of equine-assisted psychotherapy.

(2014—2016, US)

Video-interviews with industry leaders on how ordinary people can support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

(2018—2020, DK)

Curious how a visual anthropologist can help you?

As a visual anthropologist, I am always interested in learning about human stories and finding ways to research and communicate them in different audio-visual formats (photo, video, installation etc). I am particularly passionate about narratives that circle around the complicated relationships between humans and their environments.

I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but travel often around Europe, so if you have any pitches or suggestions, please feel very welcome to reach out or find me somewhere on the interwebs.