Part of my work with the Everyday Project involved collaborating on the Blood, Sweat & Shitty Diapers focus (Danish: Blod, Sved & Lortebleer), created by Maja Bugge. The overarching goal of this video-project was to shed light on the more difficult aspects of birth that are often ignored in mainstream media and social media representation. A more nuanced and realistic portrayal of the ups and downs of parenthood.  


Maja was the producer of the project and in charge of finding willing participants, people who had experienced difficulties in adjusting to their new lives as parents. I was the editor and occasional camera-person, but I received a lot of support, as this was my first time editing in Danish.

My work involved prepping the interviews and occasional shooting, as well as editing the videos into finished projects. The editing process in a language I wasn’t entirely fluent in was perhaps the most challenging. It involved a lot of iterations (drafts) and sitting down with Danish-speakers as we listened to the drafts to make sure they made sense and told a relevant story.

Most importantly, the storytellers were also involved, as they decided how much they wanted to share and they gave the final green-light to the projects (or asked for more changes) before they were published.

Project Outcome

The three videos I worked on had a positive reception on social media (averaging over 1,5K views per video), and were used in a public debate organised in Copenhagen on the same topic.


My contribution to the BSL video-project taught me a lot about working professionally in Danish and collaborating on video. Prior to this, my film experience had been entirely solo. I welcomed the excitement and solidarity of having at least another person with me on shoot or while editing, and have since learned to involve participants in the key moments of the production process.