On the margins of modern medicine, horses are being used in psychotherapy. Inspired by three months of anthropological fieldwork, the film takes a closer look at one such place in the Pacific Northwest, called ”Animals as Natural Therapy”. Through the stories of three women, interwoven with audio-visual vignettes of the non-humans, “Healing Horses” explores aspects of the healing relationships created between the humans and the horses.

The culmination of my MSc degree at Aarhus University was a year-long research project about equine-assisted psychotherapy in WA, USA, comprised of a short documentary film (27 minutes) and an anthropological paper.

a girl tying a harness on a black horse

Methodology [work-in-progress]

  • qualitative research based on participant observation
  • long-term ethnographic research (3-4 months in the field), conducted in Autumn 2014, with Animals as Natural Therapy (Bellingham, WA, USA)
  • interviews, diary studies, photo-elicitation, visual ethnography

Project Outcome

I produced, directed, filmed and edited the short documentary, with financial and technical support from Aarhus University/Moesgård Museum.

Festival Screenings