I have spent the past 8 years figuring out what my skills were and how I could contribute to what I find meaningful. While this remains a life-long project, I’m now much more aware of how I can best support companies, non-profits and individuals working towards positive change in the world.

Click below to learn about some of the ways I enjoy contributing to socially meaningful goals.
a room full of people watching a film on large screen


Film events & installations

a girl tying a harness on a black horse


Ethnographic & Qualitative

two blonde women talking in an office


Small-scale documentary

ipads with screenshots of ebook


Academic & Non-fiction

I work best at the corner of research & dissemination. I love any opportunity to ask big (and small!) questions about the world we live in, and I understand that any tangible answer requires committed and disciplined work.

Once the research work is done, however, comes the equally exciting responsibility of sharing the results in the most appropriate way. Whether that’s a Trello board for teams looking to better organize their work, a video to communicate all those crucial non-textual aspects of socio-cultural realities, an e-book to better inform users of how to navigate a platform, or an interactive installation space to encourage conversations about our relationship to our environments.

I am a big fan of accessibility and of translating knowledge (whether that’s academic, user-centered or any other type) to different audiences.

On a more ideological level, I’m particularly driven by work that celebrates and promotes holistic, environment-inclusive sustainability. That can take many shapes and forms, as you can see below, in some of my projects. Ask me about interactions between human & non-human actors, and you’ll struggle to shut me up 🙂 

The future of society is built by humans who are able to empathize beyond the limits of their immediate ‘tribes’.