A bit of backstory

I didn’t dream about making movies when I was little. I wrote stories and was curious to learn about human nature. Although I grew up with a solid love for films and TV (latchkey generation and only one TV set at home), it wasn’t until my undergraduate at St Andrews that I properly fell in love with film studies, and the process of analysing every frame and every line of dialogue. 

Later on, during my MA at Aarhus University, that love affair turned into commitment, as I began to focus on visual anthropology. Since then, video has slowly become more and more of a research tool for me to capture, understand and communicate complex cultural realities


I work on non-fiction video projects and prioritise socially impactful topics. I am often a one-woman team when producing video, out of necessity, but as a natural team-player, I cherish any opportunity to collaborate with fellow videographers & researchers.

Additionally, I can:

  • produce small-scale videos (organise subjects and shoot)
  • shoot with DLSRs and professional camcorders
  • interview participants, while making them feel comfortable in front of the camera
  • edit in Adobe Premiere Pro (and comfortable using the rest of the Adobe Package)
  • export for various outputs (from theatre-grade projections at festivals to light-weight social media files)

Curious to see more?

Wanna chat more about ethics in documentaries, video content, making people feel comfortable in front of a camera, or how I can help you engage with your audience?