A bit of backstory

As a child, I developed a strong fascination for the written word. After devouring the young classics (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Greek mythology), I moved on to the dictionary and thesaurus. I used to have a couple of English dictionaries and thesauruses (thesauri!) on my desk (the inspiring advantage of having an English teacher as a mother), and I would turn to them whenever my inner procrastinator looked for a distracting from boring homework. Which was a lot.

That’s how I ended up applying to study Linguistics in the UK. I was utterly enthralled by how languages worked (grammar, syntax, etymologies). I was also quite a fervent fan-fiction writer, in a previous life, but that’s a story for another time.

Time passed and I ended up following a slightly different path, abandoning my academic career as a linguist for the uncertain future of a cinephile anthropologist.

Nonetheless, my familiarity with writing has never abandoned me, and I’ve used it to make some kind of income in many different capacities.

I translated (Romanian—English, Danish—English), I subtitled and captioned, I wrote copy for film festivals, I proofread, and even wrote an e-book (look, ma!).

Nowadays, I continue to hone this craft and find new ways to engage and delight readers. As a ‘grown-up’, I edit and write about brands, human experiences, events and, when I get lucky, horses and elves. While the subjects may vary, my work always follows a red thread of empathy and accessibility. At the end of the day, storytelling should be about communicating compassionately and insightfully to your audience.

Some of my projects

Academic Writing

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While working with HF Productions, I wrote and edited an e-book entitled Mastering the Film Festival Submission Process—Straight from the Programmers’ Mouth. Based on years of experience working with film festivals (in different capacities), and on research on what the market had to offer, we tried to create a very concise and useful offering for independent filmmakers struggling to navigate the modern festival submission process.

Contents include: technical requirements, how to compile a professional Electronic Press Kit, and how best to navigate the online world of film festivals.

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